“Sound will be the medicine of the future.” Edward Cayce 

“Sound will be the medicine of the future.” Edward Cayce 

...and the future is now.

A Sound Journey is a powerful and profound experience of healing sounds and vibrations through voice and various ancestral and acoustic instruments. It’s a meditation of sound where you lay down and receive. In this one hour of sound immersion one enters a deep relaxation and journeys through all sensations allowing for any feelings, visions and manifestations to come through and arise. As well as release of emotional, physical and energetic blockages. The sounds go where they are called and do the work.

Charli holds a safe and grounded space for you to lay back, relax, travel and enjoy the loving caress of pure and sacred sound.

"Charli took our group on a sound journey prior to a vegan dinner party in a dream-like setting. Our heads aligned in a circle around Charli and her timeless instruments. With some words of inspiration she invited us to enter into a relaxing realm of sounds and vibrations. My body adjusted itself to the sound waves and I drifted off into a benign trance. Relaxation taken to a deeper and highly fulfilling level. I would have wanted the moments to last forever. Thank you Charli, for your sharing, your pure gift and dedication!"
Marion Oprel


My base is in Alicante (Spain), however I travel around the world sharing this work and if you are interested in booking a Sound Journey for a group of people, don’t hesitate to ask.

The Dome Center - Voice Sessions and Sound Treatments


 Group Sound Journeys are held at The Dome Center in Alcalalí, Alicante (Spain).

A sacred place created for the investigation and exploration of Sound Therapy, since 1998.