Charli’s wild and soothing voice expresses an ancient and ancestral calling. The emotion in her sound takes you on a journey of limitless stories, visions and sensations. Her lyrical poetry is impregnated with the depths of her truth, feelings, experiences and views on justice, empowerment, self love and worth, connection with nature, mother earth, life and the limitless moment. She creates fusions within fusions, playing with the sounds that flow through her, intuitive-tribal-shamanic and free-jazzy-soulful textures are the essence of her sacred voice. Her voice, songs and chants are filled with intention, what ever and when ever she sings, her purpose remains; to feel the freedom and healing in liberating her sound and anyone who encounters that expression, encouraging other’s to also explore and sing their truth so that we may all shine in our authenticity, making of this world a honest and loving place with the union of our vibration.


Born and raised in a small village called Alcalalí in the Province of Alicante (Valencian Community) of Spain, with a multi-cultural background. Began singing at a very young age, travelling around the world sharing stage by her parents Nestor Kornblum & Michêle Averard – musicians and pioneers of Sound Therapy in Spain. Singing, Chanting (Intuitive Singing) and Overtone Singing since the age of 5, and since then mixing fusions like Free-Jazz/Soul, Mantra Soul and Tribal Chanting – using her voice as an instrument of free expression and self healing. Growing up she felt the importance and power of the voice, she experienced how discovering and exploring her voice became the answer to many of her questions. Her mission in life is to guide others help themselves re-discover and re-connect with that sacred part of theirs and by doing so accessing their full potential.

Charli has performed in numerous festivals internationally, with her solo project and band she has with her partner Charli & Heiko. Her songs and chants are a liberation and freedom of her expression, an offering to the consciousness of this planet, and for whom ever resonates and connects with them. Singing for healing and re-connection, voicing her truth, experiences, sharing her feelings towards the universe and this sacred earth – always with the intention of spreading awareness, love and authenticity.

She offers Voice & Song workshopsOne to One voice coachingSound Therapy treatments and Sound Journey’s worldwide.  Guiding and helping one to feel the vibration of their essence through their voice, releasing emotional and physical blockages to open one’s self to a path of remembrance and new beginnings.

Guiding you to get in touch and feel comfortable with your voice – through various exercises and processes that gift you tools to help you have the confidence to sing for you, for others, for who ever and when ever. Guiding you and helping you find your way of expressing yourself authentically through your voice. Because the expression of your soul through song is your birth right.

“Finding your sound can take time and at the same time is constantly changing and adapting to your feelings in the moment. Allowing the sounds to flow naturally, without any conditioning is a way of giving yourself love. Singing has helped me to be authentic with myself, to express my freedom, my truth.. bringing me peace in the liberation of my expression. Singing has helped me to be in the present moment, gifting me self confidence and helping me in the reawakening and remembrance of my true self, and for that I am forever grateful and thankful to the power of sound.” – Charli Kornblum

GENRE: World Fusion Music, Experimental, Jazz-Soul Fusion, Medicine Music.

FESTIVALS: BioRitme Festival (ES), Own Spirit Festival (ES), Agni Spirit Festival (ES), Tierra de Lunas (ES), Gaia Festival (ES), Zusammen/Kunst (DE) to name a few.


Live in Rheinberg, Germany 2019



  • “We are One” from the album “We are One” by Michele Averard & Nestor Kornblum released in 2004 – chant written by Charli Kornblum at the age of 8.
  • “Om Lokah” Mantra by Unison Project (Michele Averard, Nestor Kornblum, Charli Kornblum, Dayaram) released Febuary 2016.
  • “In Bloom” EP by Charli & Heiko released August 2017 – available in online platform stores.
  • “Heya Hoyo” single by Charli & Heiko released December 2017 – *only available on youtube.
  • “Mother Earth-Madre Tierra” single by Charli & Heiko released June 2019 – *only available on youtube.
  • ESTELAR” by Niruta Beats, Charli Kornblum & Macfly HH released October 2019 – available on CD and youtube.
  • “Wild Spirit” by Sound of Champion x Maison & Dragen featuring Charli Kornblum released September 2019 – available in online platform stores.
  • “Gayatri Mantra” by Charli Kornblum released April 2020 – Available on YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.