"Cuándo cantamos juntxs, sanamos juntxs."

Charli Kornblum

"Cuándo cantamos juntxs, sanamos juntxs."

Charli Kornblum

Ancestral Voice©

Ancestral Voice©


I invite you to enter a safe space, without judgement, without conditions.. a clean space where you can surrender fully to the present moment. Flowing and feeling through your most powerful instrument.. your Voice. An opportunity to open up and listen to the messages you hold within.. an opportunity to sing your truth, to (re)discover a powerful healing tool that you always carry with you. I invite you to sing with me, to heal with me.. to share your song. A journey of exercises and processes that will make you remember, remember and honor the healing power of your Ancestral Voice, returning to your center, to your truth, to your essence.


Ancestral Voice is the name that I use to describe the Voice Work that I do. Why do I choose this name? Because vibrating in our cells, our subtle bodies (physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic layers) is our Ancestral Memory, our Ancestral Linage that through the power of the Voice we are able to access, we are able to heal this place (cleaning unresolved issues and traumas from past generations and generations to come). Through our Voice we are able to communicate with our Ancestors and remember, remember our mission, purpose and the value of our essence. We have the capacity to be a Voice for the Voiceless and the one’s who were silenced. For through our Voice we allow our Ancestors to express themselves, to live once more and allow their wisdom and knowledge to flow through so it may guide us and those around us.

Our Voice is the channel that connects us to everything around, above, below and within.

Our Voice is the channel that connects us to Mother Earth. For when we sing and chant we re-affirm that we are part of creation and that together with the birds and all the Beings of the land we dance to the same vibration.

Our Voice is our Ancestral Memory. 

The journey of the Voice is a powerful and sacred one, returning you home to your center. In this workshop we dive into the exploration of the whole body as the instrument that it is. You will discover the medicine your Voice holds and how working with it opens you up to expressing, manifesting and releasing all that you need. I invite you to voice your truth, your existence, and your essence into action.

*If you’d like to organize a retreat or course involving the work of the Voice, contact me here.

Fall in love with your Authentic Voice

Sing your Heart's Song


Awaken your Authentic Voice, fall in love with your Sacred Sound

Express your Truth and Free your Voice

Open and Explore your Voice and Register

Voice and Body Warm up Exercises

Conscious Breath Work

Movement and Sound

Using the Power of Intention and Visualization for Manifestation

Activate your Potential, Creativity and Flow

Honor your Voice, Honor the Voice of the other

Liberate Traumas, Conditioning & Self doubting thoughts

Chakra Toning for Re-balancing your System

Connection and Unity in group, Remembering Oneness

Release of Physical, Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual blockages

Learn how to create your own "In the Moment" Medicine Chant